Thursday, 24 March 2011

Little Primark Purchases

I briefly mentioned the wide legged trousers I bought last week in Primark, that's an image of the print above. I need to take them up though, they are miles too long even in the highest of heels. I also bought the spotty jumpsuit I was wearing the other day here and a couple of vest tops to go under dresses. I always get a mental block each time I'm instore trying to visualise my entire wardrobe and which colours it was I needed to pick up!
I also got this charm necklace above, lots of lovely floral beads on it. They had an entire stand of these clip-on charms (below) which I like to add to necklaces, bracelets or my phone. I kinda went a little crazy, there weren't many I didn't get (as the cashier commented 'did you just buy them all?')! I got another teddy one for my sister a little dolly charm for my Mum, similar to a Momiji type doll and a silver rocking horse with diamantes which is currently on my phone. They're only a £1 each or the Paris set was 2 for £1.
Speaking may recall I bought lots of these charm pendants earlier this year, well they have a new poodle one with this little comb attached which I thought was cute, so I got that too, only £1.50! Then I got this floral cameo ring, I absolutely loooove it, the subdued colouring and vintagey look. Plus I got this hot coral flower ring below that, a really pretty shade for summer, love the shape.


  1. Nice haul:) Those little charms look so cute!x

  2. I really want that floral cameo ring but they didn't have my size, boooo!

  3. i have the ring, it's lovely !
    i'm not sure about hte chamrs, i dont think i'd be able to think of anything to do with them.

    and i saw a lot of wide leg trousers in store the other day and remembered i should dig out hte skirt i turned into trousers last yr...

  4. Fab jewellery. I do love a Primark haul x

  5. Oh I love that blue floral ring! Very pretty!

    I got the lemon dress from New Look today, I'm soooooooo happy with it! It really is gorgeous, good quality! I'm happy I got it over the daisy one....although now I kinda want the daisy one as well but it's sold out :(
    I'm totally gonna shop the Tall section more often even though I'm short least I can wear those dresses without leggings and not feel like my butt's hanging out! :D I hope they will have more in the shape of the lemon dress with all sorts of fabric :D

  6. thanks Ashley, trying to be a little more restrained with rings as I have so many, but these were must-haves!

    thanks Emma, a pretty good deal at £1!

    YYPM-I could check for one for you next time I'm there?

    Char, I add them to pearls, chains, hang them from my phone or I have a seriously massive charm bracelet that is weighed down with charms!

    Em, thanks, quite a small haul for me for once!

    Marlein-I ordered the lemon too, got it today and it's too tight, grrr! I didn't even realise it was from the Tall section until it arrived. Can't decide if I'll slim into or not! I love the daisy one too now...but no big sizes left.

  7. aaawww that's a shame it's too tight! It's always hard to know if it'll fit eventually, but you were doing very well with losing some weight weren't you? So maybe it'll fit soon!
    I got a 16 and although it is a bit roomy I don't think the 14 would have fit...I've gained a little weight I think :( need to fix that asap lol

  8. Cute blog love the rings!

    Can't go wrong with good Old Primark eh?You should check out - the stuff is very similar in price and the styles are excellent, would love to hear what you think of it- I've bought so many things off there!

  9. Oohhh,I like the necklace! Oh how annoying, I just remembered,, seeing you talk about the trousers, I KNEW there was something else I was looking for in Primark today, couldn't think what it was! Maybe there weren't any,so I didn't see them!

  10. Kezzie-I hate that, i often go instore and can't remember all the things I wanted to look for. My local had tonnes of different styles and sizes, so hopefully you'll see them next time.

  11. Near the same place you would have found the poodle necklace ther would have been a silver necklace with a skull on it and the skull's head incrusted with diamonds .
    I brought that and its so cool n also those clip on charms i brought to put on my skull necklace i got a 2 pack for £1.50 it was a heart with british flag on and londen clock tower , and im probly gonna see if there is a small silver , possibly gold poodle charm :) ♥ primark !


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