Thursday, 10 March 2011

Why I Love Kandee

Here's a declaration of my love for Kandee shoes (you've no idea how many attempts it took to replicate a heart!). Click the image above to read my little poem! I really am genuinely excited by this brand. As someone who obviously has a passion for shoes and with the huge collection I have, it takes a pretty powerful brand to move or impress me and Kandee definitely do that. I like my shoes to reflect my character and be a little out there and fun, sexy and cute, colourful and inspiring, uplifting, dreamy and even exhilarating! I feel like that every time I see an image of their shoes and I can't wait to see what creator Josh Wayman comes up with next-it's like he's sitting inside my candy coloured head picking out all my favourite things and making them into adorable decorations for my feet! Absolute "dream shoes"! Kandee really make you feel like a part of the company too, rather than just an anonymous shoe purchaser and I've dealt with their customer service many times and they are always super helpful and quick to reply. FYI, the summer range will be available March/April and I'm sure I'll see you in the virtual queue!


  1. The silver ones are great!!

    I really like your blog ♥

  2. your heart and poem are so cute! :)

  3. RD-I need a special occassion to wear them!

    Char-thank you, the failed attempts were quite hilarious!


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