Monday, 7 March 2011

Inspiretty #46

This image could've been taken in better light, sorry! However I really wanted Draculaura to be today's Inspiretty but forgot to take the image until now! This is my new Gloom Beach doll and I don't own the original Draculaura (my sister does) and although I liked her, she was a little too cutesy, girly, babyish for me. This version is super cute but super stunning too and I just couldn't resist. I love the purple smokey eyes and pale pink lips-adorable!


  1. I own the original Dracularua! She's great and takes pride of place on my bed side table, but she has to lie down because I accidently stood on the display stand!:S

  2. how have i never heard of these dolls? :)

  3. Love!! Ghoulia is my favorite though!! My friend sent me her from Chicago, but I think she's about to show up here!! <3

  4. Vintage Glitter-awww, I love that they have stands, hope they keep doing them, makes them so much easier to display.

    Char-They're relatively new, been here for around a year, they're kind of the anti-Barbie!

    Sam-I love Ghoulia, got a couple on order from Woolies, so hope they arrive soon! Also bought the DOTD trio from ebay, so they should be arriving soon too!

  5. Hehe, I'm so excited! I just bought Frankie Stein and Clawdeen Wolf and they should arrive on Thursday!!


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