Thursday, 3 March 2011

Brand Focus: Lancome Rewind Vernis Zapping

Does anyone remember Lancome Vernis Zapping? Or am I showing my age here? Haha! Years ago, I'm guessing it was when I was still at school or shortly after I left and that was (gosh) 13 years ago...Lancome were continually launching new 'crazy' ideas like lipgloss in a squeezy tube called 'Juicy Tubes' (that'll never catch on surely?) and colour changing products and this peel off nail polish. They were produced in mostly, really fun colours, completely opaque (in one coat if I remember rightly) and intended to be worn for a short time and when you got bored, just peel it off without any need for remover. "In those days" (really showing my age now), it was very difficult to find unusual nail colours like blue or green so I was all over these and my friends thought I was pretty bonkers with my crazy painted nails! I'm sure I had another couple of colours that I've probably thrown out already, but here are navy blue, lime, green, yellow, dark brown, orange and pearlised copper brown. A bit like plumping, stinging lipgloss, the peeling action became quite addictive to me. I got a little thrill if I managed to peel an entire nail in one go! It was actually a great idea for those that changed their nail colour every day or second day and great for taking on holiday as you didn't require cotton wool and nail polish remover. I do recall a customer complaining that when she went swimming, some of them chipped-which I thought was pretty stupid of her (and funny to be in the pool with colourful 'nails' floating by), the stuff isn't invincible you know! The bottles were fun and they were priced relatively cheaply with the intention of customers wanting to purchase more than one. Some people really didn't get it (mostly the older generation), but it was supposed to be a fun, novel product and I thought it was pretty neat.
Anyway, I'm chucking mine out as they are really gunked beyond repair now, but just thought as part of my band focus (which I've been totally neglecting), you might be interested in seeing them as a little 'rewind'.


  1. Haha I remember these! It was so much fun peeling it off! :)

  2. I remember those and I actually think about them far too often. Might even say I miss them..hehe.
    They were definitely ahead of their time.

  3. i remember having something similar when i was quite young, i guess it was like 'toy' nail polish, as it smelt really odd, and was easy to peel off..more like a layer of pva glue or something..

  4. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

  5. Sammi-I think I enjoyed the peeling more than wearing!

    Schmut-definitely! I've always loved their Limited Edition releases!

    Char-oh I used to love peeling glue off glue sticks at school, you just reminded me!

    Huck-thank you, glad you're enjoying it.

  6. I used to use the green one! I loved it. Totally agree with you on there being a shortage in crazy colours in the 90s.Thanks for the pictures!


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