Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Love Laura Ashley

I try not to look on the Laura Ashley website very often because a) I see far too much I wish to purchase and b) more importantly, I can't afford any of it! I saw a couple of absolutely gorgeous dresses in Look yesterday though and reluctantly clicked onto the website today. Uh-oh, turns out there's a lot more than a couple of dresses I would like (and I'm sure you will too). In all honesty, I don't know if I could justify spending £100 on one dress, whether I love it to pieces or happen to have a spare £100. I really don't. However you're definitely buying quality, you can just tell from looking at the images. If you don't believe me take my Mum's word for it when I showed her the mag spread last night "Oh Gemma, they're lovely...they're quality, beautiful", thanks Mummy! What I didn't realise was that most of their clothes come in sizes 8-20..that means I would actually fit their dress, hmmmm! Here's my favourites and also some cardigans and then I had to stop myself from looking any further! The vintage postcard and waterside striped dresses above are the two I'm going to die for. The more I look, the more I want! Drool, drool. £100 each and Char of T*Rexes & Tiaras owns them both. Me jel much? Totally! All clothing sizes 8-20 unless otherwise stated. Bunting cardigan £56 Pink or blue posy cardigans £70 each Blue posy dress £125 (die) Blue or pink rose or yellow bird print dresses (die) £125 (sizes 8-18) Bird print cardigan £70


  1. I bought the navy postcard dress a couple of weeks ago when Laura Ashley had a 25% off promotion. £75 is still pricey for me but it is SO lovely. They do promotions quite often though so maybe it's worth hanging on a bit if you really want it?

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhh, they're sooooooooooooo lovely!
    (hee, hee, word verification is 'greed'!!!)

  3. Ohh i sooo love Laura Ashley, they do fab sales :) I love the bow dresses, the bunting cardi and of course the dresses Char has x

  4. ooh i can't decide between the bird dress or the blue posy one..everytime i go on the site i see something else i love!!

  5. PFB-thanks, I will defo be on the lookout for discounts, I need those dresses!


    Em-they always have such lovely fabrics don't they!

    Char-yeah the blue has perhaps just got the edge with me, then the bird!


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