Monday, 14 March 2011

Models Own Smash Up

I'm really pleased to announce that Models Own will be releasing their own version of Barry M's Instant Nail Effects, called Smash Up crackle nail polish. I'm delighted because, there's a variety of colours, which is what we've all been waiting for! Now our crackled nail combos are endless!
Priced £6 each, the colours are Smash Up Silver, White, Black, Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Pink and Orange. The black and silver will launch exclusively at Boots on 20th April and the other colours will be available from the Models Own site from April. Remember these usually work better where there is the greater contrast between your base colour and crackle colour. I'm thinking pink or orange over black, the gorgeous turquoise over bright pink or a zebra striped reversal with white or silver over black, anything really!


  1. yes, quite excited about these, despite the fact i'm not yet loving my barry m stuff!

  2. I feel like I am truly the only person on this earth that really HATES crackle nail polish! I seriously don't get this trend, it looks really messy and gross to me!
    Good thing there's lots of other choices hehe ;) I tried to order some Zoya yesterday & this afternoon but my creditcard keeps getting declined! So now I have a bad suspicion it's maxed out LOL omg...we spent way to much money on holiday! :S :S :S

  3. Yay, I'm definitely getting turquoise, maybe pink and white too.

  4. Marlein, I love it, I reckon because it's so easy to do!

  5. I do slightly like the coloured ones more, but still not a fan. I can imagine why people would like it for layering of the colors, specially in summer. I think I just don't like it because it''s crackled! lol not smooth and sleek which is how I like my nails to be :) I also don't like any kind of so SO tacky in my opinion...!


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