Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Trying To Find The Perfect Fit...

Along with many other things, I have been planning a massive post on the new season stuff at Matalan. they have an insane amount of gorgeous goodies for summer. I've been feeling a bit bored with my wardrobe recently (it doesn't take much) and I ordered 3 dresses online which arrived in super speedy time (well done Matalan). Unfortunately my glee at losing half a stone disappeared this afternoon when I tried the dresses on and didn't fit a single one. They are sooo lovely too, so I'm really disappointed and annoyed that it's unlikely I'll fit any of the cute stuff I planned on buying over the next couple of months.

Once I get over my upset, I will do a post on the SS11 things, because it's still worth blogging about, even if I can't buy it! I've actually not had much luck with a lot of dresses lately so here's just some of my recent returns.
This 'biker dress' is from ASOS Curve and I bought the size 20 earlier this year in the sale. I had to return it due to a faulty zip, but it was impossibly small anyway. It was also really long, ok so I'm only 5ft 5 1/2" without shoes, but the shorter hem was almost ankle length, so obviously (even in heels), the back was trailing along the ground. It's a shame because I really liked the dip hem style.
I ordered this tea dress at the same time, also from the Curve range. I really loved the print. Unfortunately the size 20, although roomy enough, was a really bad fit. The arms aren't separate from the dress (there's no lower underarm sleeve, just the top that you can see and underneath an armhole). There's also a horizontal back seam, which felt elasticated and uncomfortable. Every time you raise your arms slightly the whole dress moves upwards with it. You can feel that back seam moving and it just felt uncomfortable. I decided to try a bigger size to see if that was the problem but it was too big (gaping at the front neckline) and I still had the same issues with the arms and back. Then we have the three I ordered from Matalan, from the Be Beau range. This range only goes up to an 18, but I've had a few items from it, that do fit. The floral 50's style dress above was my favourite, I absolutely love the print. I'll take photos of these dresses in detail and show you later when I have more time. There's a centre back zip on this dress and a deep v back with a strip of fabric across the shoulders blades (like a thick strap), the front has the deep split with bows across it. I got the dress on, but couldn't get the zip all the way up but even in a bigger size it didn't seem to be doing anything for me, the proportions were all wrong for my body (my boobs needed to be up round my neck I think!).
Another gorgeous 50's style, I don't usually opt for halternecks, but I couldn't resist these colours and considering I usually wear a cardi over dresses anyway, it wouldn't really matter about wearing a bra underneath (as you wouldn't see it). The bodice is boned, front and back, there's a side zip and obviously the tie halterneck. This one felt really small too, I couldn't get the zip up at all and the bodice wasn't fitting with my shape anyway. I actually checked all the labels to see if they'd accidentally sent 8's instead of 18's!!
This was the other lovely one, with decorative heart buttons at the front and a centre back zip. I tried my usual technique of trying the dress on without taking the zip down (so I wouldn't get stuck inside), but I got as far as getting over my arms and onto my head and that was it! I took the zip down but again it was just far too small and I wouldn't get it all the way up. I had wanted to order the jumpsuit version of this too, so I'm glad I didn't.
This is another Be Beau/Matalan dress that I ordered previously. I liked the darker floral print on it and although the 18 did fit, it wasn't flattering. I need more structured fabrics for my shape like cottons, although they are harder to find the perfect fit as they don't have much give. Stretchy things just stretch over my boobs and accentuate them and this was very short too, more like a top than a dress, it was all top and no skirt on me and looked ridiculous!
Finally this floral dress was a sale buy last month. I think I ordered a 20 in this and it fitted, but it has a fake wrapover styles front and I found the neckline was far too high on me and unflattering (nowhere as deep as it looks in the image). So that's me, off to drool over some more dresses which may or may not fit!


  1. That's soooo funny- you have listed ALL the dresses I looked at and thought, 'Hmmmmmm, I'd like that please' on the Matalan website!
    So sorry they don't fit- how extremely annoying- that bit's not funny!

  2. i have the cherry and the halter dress on the 'to order' list on payday..i hope they fit ok..

    i have given you a tag on my blog post yesterday if you's like to do it ;) xx

  3. They should ship internationally! So old fashioned not to really...*grumpy*

    I really like the Flower Border Nautical Dress...and all the dresses you posted! Ah well...don't have any money anyway :P


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