Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Best: Cheap Dresses

Who can resist some super cheap dresses? Not me, apparently! I've been dithering over which dresses to get from Tesco for weeks now and just when I'd made up my mind, they add a ton of new designs! I've placed an order for three so far and see how I get on with them, before ordering some more. Absolutely every dress in this post is £25 or less and they're all really wearable so that whole cost per wear thingy would be totally insane! So here's a rundown of the best you can buy right now, some you've seen before and some you haven't... Let's start with Tesco, the Florence & Fred dresses are mostly sized 6-22 which is great. You can also use these codes (some run out sooner than others, so I'll just give you them all to try), £10 off when you spend £40 (either SMSPRING, AFFSPRING or EMSPRING). Plus all deliveries over £50 are delivered for free. Above: £18, £25, £18 (I've ordered the 1st and 3rd), not sure if the middle one is cute or naff, Below: All £25 (want the 1st one but will it be too booby on me like the Matalan one?), still prefer the Peacocks cherry one, although this one is cute and the spotty is nice but not must-have for me. Below: £25, £25, £18, am managing to resist these for now, although the 1st one is pretty cute!Below: £18, £25, £18 (ordered the 1st one, love the colours and preferred that over the white one-yay for my willpower), neeed the middle one too! Below: £16, £25, £16, while I love the 1st one in theory I'm not sure how it would look on me, really want the heart one and gutted the polka dot isn't in my size anymore. Matalan, well you know my mishap with these dresses last week. The Be Beau range only goes up to an 18 (and the fit appears to be pretty small), you can find 20's in their other ranges though. Above: £25, £18, £20, I have the middle dress in 3 other colours and could be tempted to buy another! Below: £25, £25, £20 (playsuit), yes I'm still sobbing over these dresses! Below: £16 (playsuit), £16, £18 Below: £14, £25 (jumpsuit also available), £14. I'm still gutted that I missed out on the cherry prom dress and both of the lace collar tea dresses from Peacocks. Problem is with dresses this cheap, you need to move fast! Above: £22, £20, £20, I love the first two, will definitely try and get them. Below: £22, £24 (jumpsuit), £18. Below: £22, £20 (playsuit), £22, still would like these two dresses! Anything take your fancy? I'm so bored of my dresses currently, that I'll definitely be placing another order at Tesco and my wishlist is ever growing!


  1. oh wow I want most of those too! Especially some of the matalan ones, I love their stuff!
    and a propos the very last dress you posted, I have it myself and I ADORE it! It fits me very nicely and it's not too tight on the chest area, thankfully and I just adore wearing it. I posted an OOTD with it if you're interested on seeing what it looks like

  2. I like the navy ones. I was going to go to Matalan today to try and get the 50's prom dress and/or the white lace one, but didn't make it in the end!
    Did however, buy the pretty white with red flowers Primark 50's netting underneath skirt, one left which was hiding and was only £5! (was in one of your photos on a Primark post!) and another 50's style skirt OH and a DARLING sailor's cardigan. It's sooooooo cute- it's navy with the sailor's white piping! Thanks for inspiring me to go to Primark to search for the dresses you showed!
    The very first Tescos navy one is lovely as is the blue bird print one from Peacocks, but really need to stop myself buying any more dresses- think my boyfriend may just kill me! Hope you manage to get them!

  3. aaaarrrggghhhh I JUST typed out a huge message and it didn't post it and now it's gone! FRUSTRATION!!!! lol I was saying...I was looking at Tesco's site yesterday as I had seen that grey floral dress on another's gorgeous! I was sooo sad they only ship to the UK :( I was wondering if you were going to put in another order some time soon if you could order it along for me in a size 16? Only if it's not to much trouble!
    I hear ya on the boring dresses thing...I need more dresses, I've worn all mine to death over the winter and have hardly brought any new ones...think 2 in the last 5 months or so! 0_o I blame it on the JC shoe addiction haha but now I'm in dire need of some new pretty dresses for the summer!

    *copy message before attempting to post just in case stupid thing deletes it again lol*

  4. Og god i love pretty much every single one of those. You should pop onto my blog i'm giving away 5 £10 tesco voucers away, you could enter and put it towards a pretty dress! x

  5. Nats-the Peacocks dress looks lovely on you. Matalan have fabulous stuff this season-really exciting.

    Kezzie-ooh that Primark dress sounds lovely, i can't think which one it is off the top of my head. Aww the cardi sounds gorgeous too. I know what you mean, it's finding room for all these dresses, my wardrobe is bursting yet I am so bored of the dresses I have (but don't want to chuck/sell them)!

    Marlein-I hate when messages do that, i've had it happen before, or the opposite when it publishes it 2 or 3 times! Still no sign of the tesco dress yet-should arrive today though.

    Em-will do, tesco have lovely things this season!

  6. The cherry prom dress is back in Peacocks today and with 20% off for one day only

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