Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Haul & Swatches: MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 & Wonder Woman

I was in the middle of posting these pics yesterday when my mother accidentally 'broke' the computer screen, hence my sudden disappearance! So, my MAC parcel arrived from Debenhams yesterday. I looove the Viva Glam Gaga 2 lips, both totally my colour and gorgeous. The lipstick is especially great, kinda subtle and quite greyish-cool toned, so doesn't look too pale on me (but nowhere near as dark as it does on Gaga in the promo shot-the gloss is slightly darker though). Both items are probably a little darker than in the images below which were taken without a flash in front of the window, the swatches are spot on though. My lipstick doesn't wind down completely though, as you can see it arrived a little smudged and I'm not keen on putting the lid down very far in case it nicks it, it'll be better once I've worn it down a little.
As for the Wonder Woman stuff-I only got three things. By far the least I have ever purchased from the 'big spring' range. The reason was a combination of the prices and the colours not being totally my thing. The packaging was very appropriate for the collection I thought, mostly red and blue with stars inside and the lipstick features a star on the cylinder. Very cute and the reason I wanted at least one lippie, gloss and blush!
I wore Spitfire lipstick today, it was much more purple in the tube and swatched than I had expected. Although today on my lips it was more pinky (probably due to the pink lipliner I wore it with). I'm not entirely convinced I suited it. It didn't look bad, but I'm just not that confident with strong, bright colours like pink or red (and that's why this collection wasn't totally for me). Marquise 'D I should've swatched too, seeing as I already own that.
The lipglass, Emancipation is a pale pink-I wish it were nude rather than pink purely because I would use it more and there's a lot to use up! I knew these lipglosses were larger than normal, but I was not prepared for how much bigger. It's just massive! Thicker, taller and I reckon you have to be Wonder Woman to pull the wand out of the gloss as it sucks it back in! Some people have said the doe foot applicator is too large-I tested it out on my lips and it seemed fine, but it really is big, did I mention that?
Even the eye palettes, I didn't completely fall in love with in this collection and I usually find at least one I like. Even if I had, I would not have been prepared to pay £36 for it. I own far too many eyeshadows to justify that. The blushes and mineralize skinfinishes were all lovely though, but again I only allowed myself one shade and that was the powder blush duo in Mighty Aphrodite. It's a pretty shimmery peach for the most part with roughly a 1/3 of bright pink. I always allow myself one of these LE compacts, because they are just so smooth and shiny and I get such a thrill from the soft clicking sound it makes when you close it-sad I know!


  1. Loving the MAC Wonder Woman range, mostly for the packaging! I treated myslef to the Russian Red lipstick as I haven't had a classic red shade for a while and do like to have one in the makeup bag for old school glamour emergencies!

  2. I was a lucky girl and got several items from the Wonder Woman collection for Valentines Day! I'm kind of tempted to buy a few other items just for the packaging--it's probably one of my faves from MAC.

  3. i bought one of the blushes and a lipstick and I love the clicky sound of closing the compact too - its sooo satisfying- we can be sad together haha

  4. Trust you to find something that makes me want to spend my savings!! Oft proper lusting for that viva la glam lippy!!

    Love J.

  5. PeachyKeen-ooh Russian Red is such a classic, very pretty.

    Marilyn-I actually liked the supersized-ness of the items, that was pretty cool. Not sure it's been my all time favourite packaging, but it's definitely right for the theme.

    Dolly-Yes! I was showing my friend the clicking, it's great on MAC lipsticks too, she thought I was bonkers!

    BVC- yeah it's super pretty! I'm already considering buying a back-up!


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