Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Closer Look...

I've decided it's better to keep busy and try and take my mind of the pain, so here's a closer look at a couple of styles I've worn lately on The Shoe Girl Diaries. First up are my pink suede shoes by New Look Limited Edition, which are awaiting a Louis Vuitton style makeover! I wore them here on Day 246. As I think I mentioned on TSGD, they have this fabulous round shaped heel which tapers in the middle, with a large circular heel tip on the end. I also mentioned that I loved the fastening-the buckle around the ankle, so many shoes these days, you have to fiddle around with tiny fastenings or (my most hated) elasticated buttons-damn you!
Then we have the gorgeous Prada cuff sandals from SS08, which I wore here on Day 238. Lovely muted colours of mauve and plum and I love how pretty the shoes are from every single angle, they are just so well made. Cross over strapping (one side that buckles and the other is elasticated and little too tight for me). The astoundingly soft cuff is beautifully made and attaches to the back of the shoe with leather buttons, it fastens with velcro (the 3 buttons on the side are faux). The heel is shaped like a petal-these pics aren't so good, my shoes were feeling very shy that day and didn't like being photographed : ( I should've taken a photo of the box they came in, it's perhaps even more beautiful than the shoes. It looks like a work of art painted with flowers and fairies mirroring the collection-gorgeous!

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  1. ): wish these came in flats! they are gorgeous! and again, hope you feel better soon! I made a ragdoll picture of you for get better soon wishes: x


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