Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tour De Force

I'm still searching for the perfect hat or head piece to wear to my friends wedding this summer. I've been ogling the delightful creations by Tour De Force for some time now. The designs are so fresh and unusual and definitely dramatic, which is the look I was hoping for. Fellow Scottish blogger, Queen Michelle of Kingdom Of Style has been absolutely rocking two of their head pieces (lucky girl), in black and a gorgeous bright turquoise.
I have to keep in mind that my hair will be bright pink, so perhaps something black would look most dramatic against that, whilst bringing together the black tulle underskirt and black from my Charlotte Olympia shoes. Although I'm sure the Blue Damsel Rose headpiece (shown above) would be stunning with bright pink too. It's absolutely beautiful-I love it! I'll need to take another look at my floral dress and see if there are similar shades in it, that could be brought out by such a colour.
I thought the Bunny Bow headpiece was a little tame for the brand, until I realised just how supersized it is-amazing huh?
The Fringe headpiece (above) looks lovely in theory but I'm not convinced I'd suit it or would feel comfortable in it and it would probably cover up most of my bright hair anyway.
However the Hitch Nest-love the name! (above) and Death's Veil (below) pieces are really exciting. I suit angled hats and I love a little veil or something covering part of my face. I feel that because they are lacey, they still appear light and the colour beneath would peep through, stopping it from looking too wintery. I'd like to see a bigger, close up image of the Death's Veil, the work that's gone into that-amazing.
You know I love birdcages, so I was intrigued as to what the Birdcage head piece would look like....as much as I can practically pull off any hat, I can't see that I would rock this one!

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