Monday, 7 June 2010

River Island Cherry Shoes

Finally got my River Island order today. It was dispatched on the 3rd June, but because of the weekend, I had to wait for it : (
I'm disappointed with the dresses, they are all gorgeous, but don't fit properly. Two definitely don't fit and the other two just aren't all that great on me. I'm not blaming the sizing of RI, because I think they are quite generous, it's (surprise, surprise) my boobies that ruined it. The Eiffel Tower and floral are the ones that don't fit and they are the most spectacular of the lot, I'm gutted. I'll maybe post pics later in the week, I'm not sure which ones I'm keeping and now because some ass "possibly" had my bank card details, I've to wait for a new card, then will surely have hassle trying to get a refund onto a different card, bleh! Anyway some quick shoe photos for you, because I knew you wouldn't want to wait for these!
The shoes were well worth the order. Much, much classier than I expected. I thought the gems would be those cheapy, stuck on types, but they are mega sparkly and really make the shoe look fabulous. I love them, although I'm annoyed that there are some little marks on the satin. When I'm buying new shoes, especially over the internet when I know nobody has had the opportunity to try them on, I expect them to be pristine. RI did wrap them very carefully with tissue, I'm just not sure whether to accept them or ask for another pair (although I know my local store don't have any, so I'd have to return them and get another pair online and knowing my luck in that time they would sell out and I'd be left with no shoesies at all). What do you think, aren't they pretty super?


  1. They are super gorgeous, make me wish I could wear heels! <3 x

  2. Oh wow, they're stunning! It's worth a try emailing customer service about the marks - they might be able to put aside a pair for you to exchange?

  3. i went 2 a party n my friend had them on i came straight hone and ordered myself a pair. the very last pair in my shoes, they r 2 die 4

  4. OH my i fell in love with those shoes when i first saw them! they are so similar to the mui mui ones, i have been looking for them since i saw them and unfortunately i couldnt get a pair, im gutted!!!!!!


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