Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Oasis Feel My Wrath!

I don't know why, but last week when I was shopping, I decided to pop into Oasis. Bad idea! I felt completely depressed afterwards and started sulking like a 3 year old, because I wanted the pretty dresses but knew they wouldn't fit. Their largest size is a 16 and they certainly aren't designed with boobies like mine in mind. I knew this beforehand, so I don't why I put myself through the pain of looking for things that I couldn't have! The 4 dresses above really caught my eye, the perfect wedding outfit. The floral tulip skirted dress, is actually boned so that it sticks out on the hips, like a little cage. The one shouldered is beautifully constructed and the fabrics of the other two wouldn't look out of place on the Prada catwalk. I tried not to be too disheartened, afterall I do own a zillion other floral dresses that do fit.
Then on the way out of the shop, I saw this. A little granny dress, that my Mum described as "so old fashioned", but that I fell head over heels in love with. It has a peacock print with ladies all over it in beautiful soft colours and I'm a sucker for that 'old fashioned' tea style. It's soooo unfair when you see something that you adore, but can't have. I know us bloggers are always banging on about how far the plus size world has come in recent years or even months, but personally I still don't feel that I have all my needs met in any of these stores. In my opinion, you still can't beat the regular high-street and that totally sucks. I'm not only angry at plus size shops for not appealing to me, but more so stores like Oasis and Topshop and Miss Selfridge (I'm still lusting and sulking over that bird print dress) who seem happy to cater for the abnormally skinny-don't be shocked by my words, some of these stores offer a size 4 (US size zero) and that to me is 'abnormally' thin and I'm sure we don't need to rehash that old debate. So why not dress the 'abnormally fat'? Which isn't actually that abnormal considering the average dress size in the UK is a 16 and therefore most shops should carry sizes both above and below that. I think every girl has the right to feel fashionable, comfortable, cute and sexy or however they want a dress to make them feel, so the UK high-street needs to address this and sort it out pronto! I'm fed up of feeling left out or that somehow I'm not 'allowed' to wear what the thin people wear. And don't even start on the fact that Oasis have this dress in maxi length (with purple trim), which is also super, super gorgeous. I doubt they would be willing to custom make me this dress, after this rant though, tee hee!


  1. I'm a larger size 14 and I don't fit into dresses at oasis or topshop in a size 16! ):

  2. That's terrible's really bugging me that so many of us don't have the choice and being a size 14, you should be able to pick and fit anything on the high-street x

  3. uh oh....haha I need to stop reading your blog :P just kidding ;) But now you've posted about Oasis and I kept telling myself not to go on there because my list of webshops is waaaaaaaaaayyyy to long...but now I've gone and looked anyway because I think that tea dress with the ladies is waaaaaaaayyy cool! I totally understand your love and obsession hehe...but I won't get it...there's one thing that will grantee a no-buy for me and that's when a garment needs dry-cleaning. I don't do dry-cleaning...mostly because I'm one of those "crazy" people that can only wear most garments once and then it needs to get washed again...with dry-cleaning that just doesn't work. However I am now completely and utterly obsessed with this little number:

    OMG I need this dress! Here's hoping it's still available in 2 weeks when I get more money...else I may need to go into dept just a little hahaha :p oh and lets hope the L size is ok...else I might have to fly over to the UK to kill them ;)

  4. btw...I think it sucks so bad that they don't make stuff bigger for larger ladies who love's crazy! And it also pisses me off when a size L is the same as a size UK12! since when is a 12 large???? oh and UK14 is plussize now I guess...seen it quite a few times that a 14 is plus size...! crazy world we live in!

    It probably is best to just avoid places you know you can't shop...I can understand how it can depress you. But you know...the stuff you and I like (I feel like we have a pretty similar taste in clothing) looks better when you have hourglass figure shows off a pretty floral tea dress way better then any skinny chick without boobs and a butt can! So it's ok...maybe the world will catch up someday :)

  5. I love these words! I get so disheartened when I go into shops like Miss Selfridge & Topshop and can't find anything that fits properly.. & i'm a size 12! (& a little blessed in the breast department)
    These shops are absolutely ridiculous!

    Love the blog by the way!


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