Thursday, 3 June 2010

Big River Island Haul

I ordered my pink Miu Miu style shoesies (£54.99) from River Island yesterday. I had gone instore to check them out but Dundee didn't have them. They didn't have all that much in the way of shoes at all actually. I could've spent a fortune in there on clothes and accessories, I seem to have developed quite an obsession with RI. I saw loads of dresses I liked, but oodles of size 8's and 10's and no 18's anywhere!
River Island were going to feel my wrath with their lack of bigger sizes, but I have noticed in recent months that they are producing more styles up to a size 18 online...still not plus sizes unfortunately. I have no idea how the dresses I ordered are going to fit or if they'll fit at all. When I used to shop there in my 'skinny' days, I'm sure they were cut quite generously. It's funny though how there are things that jump out to you in the shop but online you wouldn't look twice at them and vice versa.

The first dress £34.99 in the image below has little cut out sections in the sides-although I'll wear a vest top underneath as I don't want my skin showing-I just otherwise liked the style (it has cute little bows on the shoulders) and print. It's nowhere near as bright as this in may be a possibility for wearing to my friends wedding this summer, we'll see. The 2nd, this gorgeous prom dress, I reckon has an Eiffel Tower print on it, although it's very hard to tell with the crappy images online. Actually the whole RI website design drives me mad, it took 3 attempts until I could checkout yesterday because my pop up blocker blocked the payment page and emptied my basket! Plus after you've been on the site a little while, none of the categories work and you get 'there are currently no items in this category' (when 5 minutes ago there were 16 pages)! One dress I saw instore and had to have was a bright floral number, really bold colours, it was in my basket but after a failed attempt at checking out, it disappeared and was removed from the site completely. So I had to place the order without it. This morning I notice it has been reduced (half price), which is really annoying, especially as the largest size instore was a 16-so I can't buy it there.
Another dress that looks nothing like it does in this image is this cherry printed one £29.99. The colours are much more faded in real life, but it's still very pretty. Again it has a cut out section this time at the back, so I'll always be wearing it with a cardi or something underneath. Finally, I've been after this peachy polka dot dress £29.99 for months. It comes with a little crown brooch (which you can't see in the image) and I like the cute frills on the skirt.
I emptied my bank account with this order, after being on a no-buy for the past couple of weeks-I blame withdrawal symptoms on my serious splurge! So I have to curtail my spending yet again. Something I saw instore which looked and felt luscious was this blue floral blazer (£34.99 above). It is the softest, flimsiest fabric, absolutely perfect for summer. I'm not really a jacket person, nor do I think it would go with the types of things I wear, but was still sorely tempted with it. It doesn't look much in the online image, but is so gorgeous in real life. It would look fabulous with denim, a slouchy t-shirt, long pendants and a trilby, like you threw the look together yet still look stunning! When I checked online there are actually a few other versions (also shown above £34.99).

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