Monday, 14 June 2010

Ditto is Back

Evans have a fancy new website, as do Miss Selfridge and Topshop (not liking the TS one for some reason), but it's the Beth Ditto plus size fashion I'm craving. I was a bit late with my appreciation of the last range, but the 2nd collection sounds more promising and I'm going to be more open to it this time round. 40's vintage with a modern edge (me likey a lot) and Victorian (me likey) mixed with 80's punk (hmm not so sure about this one). It hits stores in September, but I really wish Evans wouldn't keep us in suspense much longer, maybe just a little sneak peek please?

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  1. Unfortunately I'm a tiny bit too small for evans, unless I want something oversize ): I like the collections they have a lot but especially the things like dresses would hang off my boob-area...


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