Thursday, 17 June 2010

Review: Gillette Venus Embrace

It's the final installment of my Gillette Venus razor reviews. I've thoroughly enjoyed using all of them and without a doubt would never go back to using any other brand. Venus offer a close shave, are kind to my skin and I've yet to (touch wood) cut myself-at times I've even been slightly reckless with the razor and still no cuts. I don't get razor burn and I honestly think my hair grows back finer and takes longer to do so.
Anyway, it's safe to say the Venus Embrace yet again gets the thumbs up from me. It's the usual design I've come to expect from Gillette; pretty colours, non-slip handle and easy to dispose and change heads. This one comes with a shower pod, which has suckers to stick in your shower (much handier than the sticker version the Spa Breeze had). You can also store (your individually wrapped) extra blade heads in here. It's probably the least portable out of the 3 I've tried, because the pod isn't big enough to fit the entire razor inside and it doesn't come with a cap to cover the blades. I suppose you could keep the head in the packaging it comes in, inside the pod and store the handle separately.
The unique aspect of this razor is it's 5 blades (the other have 3), which helps to deliver the closest shave ever. I think it probably does, although I've found all to be pretty close. The head is much larger and I've taken comparison pictures with the Oceana disposables I reviewed recently, just to show the difference. This means you need less 'sweeps' up and down your legs because it covers a wider area. I really did notice a difference with this and found my legs were finished in no time. I also noticed that you never miss a hair or have to go back over an area that you've already shaved.
The moisture strips on either side of the blades are there to provide a smoother glide over the legs, but apart from that I can't say I noticed them. So my summary is yet again...what are you waiting for? Give any of these Gillette razors a try and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I suppose my personal favourite was the Spa Breeze, purely because it doesn't require a shaving gel, but I'd honestly buy any one of these again and again! The Venus Embrace is £6.99 with one extra cartridge and shower pod and is available from Boots, Superdrug and other chemists and supermarkets.

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