Monday, 21 June 2010

Cartoon Me & A Big Thank You!

Thanks for all the lovely get well messages, you've all been so kind. I'm still feeling pretty rough, aching all over today (feel like my arms have been pulled out of their sockets) and walking like a horse (lifting my leg high with a droopy foot!). The bruising surprisingly isn't too bad, especially as I used to be someone who bruised very easily. I don't think my friends realise how serious it was (I didn't just slip down a few steps, I properly fell down all of them!) and the few that have been in touch have of course hinted that I should wear flat shoes from now on (thanks for the sympathy buds!). I can't even be arsed getting into it with them to be honest, I'm too tired and too sore. The first thing out of my Granny's mouth when she heard was "how high were the shoes she was wearing?", grrrr! I was wearing flat slippers people! Anyway, I was super happy to see a lovely message from Rai of Blargle Fargle this morning with a little cartoon me she drew-how wonderful is that? I am of course wearing bright heels and a flowery dress (when am I ever not?), thank you so much Rai, it's really beautiful, you're very talented! Isn't it strange how my cyber pals can be more understanding without ever seeing me, yet my others friends could care less!


  1. I'm so glad you like it x

  2. It's lovely, thank you so much-cheered me up!

  3. ah that drawing is awesome haha! Love the little knees! Well done Rai! :)

    Such a shame how people can react huh, they should just say to feel better soon! Don't need to make other comments and certainly not about your you can't handle heels or something...or like someone who wears heels doesn't have the "right" to feel bad and sore if they fall down the stairs :S so...feel better soon! It'll probably be a few days of soreness but it's good you're keeping now I have some more reading to do lol ;)



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