Saturday, 19 June 2010

NOTD Nails Inc

This week I've been wearing this hot reddish orange colour. It's by Nails Inc and is called Instyle Beach and was free with last months Instyle magazine. I subscribe and because they can't send the (glass bottle) nail polish in the plastic bag the mag comes in, through the post, you have to email them and they send it out separately. I emailed and after 3 or 4 weeks hadn't heard anything more. It turns out they didn't have enough stock and a new batch had to be made and would be available mid August. A couple of weeks later mine arrived (must have been a quick batch?) and I was a bit disappointed with the shade they sent. I had wanted to try the mink coloured one, but didn't want to risk getting 2 bottles (by buying another copy of the mag). Although if it's the same mink one that Diet Coke were giving away in Boots last month, it wasn't as exciting in the flesh as it looked in the image.
Anyhow, it's one of those colours that looks red when next to something orange and orange next to something red. I have to say though, I'm super impressed with the quality and ease of application. This was one coat, no streaks and a bold, opaque colour-lovely. It's just a shame it seemed to clash with everything I've worn-all week! The images look a little fuzzy, purely because the colour is so bright and once I resized them the colour bled a little.

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