Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New AW10 Melissa/Anglomania Shoes

I've been waiting for these for months, the new AW10 Vivienne Westwood Anglomania/Melissa Lady Dragon shoes! Yipee! This season we have the lovely new cherry adornment, which I think is utterly glorious. I'm slightly annoyed at the price, £110 which is £22 more than last season. I can remember the price shooting up after I bought my first pair (yellow with black hearts) a few years ago and while I still think £110 is great for a pair of Westwood shoes, you aren't getting anything more for your £22 than last year. Anyhow, the cherry colours are sheer green (gorgeous) or pale copper or opaque ivory. The heart colours (all feature a peach heart), bright raspberry pink, metallic violet or (my favourite) bold aqua, I think the violet are opaque and the other two sheer, but can't be sure.
There's also a new style, a flat slingback with studded heart and the Ultra Girl pumps have also been given a makeover with a beautiful speckled, shimmering bow. As if that's not enough....wait for it...there are baby shoes! Yep, ickle, cutesy baby shoes! With hearts and bows and everything, squeeeel! You can pre-order all of these styles from Hervia (expected dispatch 15th June) or buy them now from My-Wardrobe.


  1. I did a big ole happy dance when I saw these on the Hervia website a few weeks ago! I love love LOVE the cherry ones!! :)

  2. Some of Melissa’s SS10 collection just went on sale (including some Vivienne Westwoods) at Shoplarousse.com. Definitely worth checking out. If you enter FASHION15 at check out you can save an additional 15% off your purchase. It's some new coupon code for fashion bloggers.


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