Friday, 18 June 2010

Melissa Anglomania Lady Dragon

As one of my many backlog of photos, here are my Lady Dragon shoes in more detail. This is my first see through pair, they are really sparkly which is pretty and across between lilac and pink. The green globe is really massive, I love it! Also beware of people selling fakes on ebay and other sites, the way to tell if they are genuine or not is notice the branding inside the shoe? The name and logo should both be facing the same way on both shoes (both to the right here), the fakes tend to have the right shoe facing inwards and the left shoe facing inwards. Enjoy!


  1. oh so cute! what kind of material is the orb thing? it looks metalic-y.

  2. yes shiny metallic, hollow, feels like a xmas tree bauble!

  3. how cute! that just kind of adds to the kitschy feel of them.

  4. Do these one's smell like the other pairs??

  5. yes they all have this wonderful (and quite strong) sweetie, bubblegum scent.

  6. Hey omg ive wanted these for like ever ,but for £80 im undecided because jelly shoes are infamous for making your feet sweaty and smell funky..ohh how id love to pair these with a cute lil dress and i'll wear them to work..really considering these they look tres chic and the heel doesnt look to high for everyday wear..they are just sooo beautiful..was owndering as well if they have these designs in not plastic cause this shoe is cute but im not too sure about the plastic


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