Monday, 21 June 2010

More Peacocks

It's such a shame this dress doesn't go up to a bigger size, it's adorable. I'm loving the bold colours and rose print, super cute! You can get it in sizes 8-16, £20 from Peacocks.
Also start saving your pennies for the 3rd collection from Pearl Lowe. Here's a sneak peek below. This time around as well as dresses, there are shorts, skirts, tops and wait for it, bags and shoes! Gah, can't wait!! Also remember that there is now new stock of all sizes of the previous collection dresses, which sold out-get them now! See my review of them here.


  1. I featured this dress on my blog too! It doesn't fit very well in person, though, and the zip is a bit rubbishy ):

  2. If I see that in Peacocks I'm gonna try it on :D And I hope you're feeling better after the fall incident. x

  3. Rai-the nearest Peacocks to me is usually pretty rubbish, we don't get anything cool in it. I wish they would show more images (the back of the dress) on their site, so I could get a better idea of fit, shame it's not so good quality because the print and colours are lovely.

    Lu-The Pink Bandit, awww thank you x


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