Monday, 28 June 2010

Platforms And More Platforms

I'm not so much late to the party on this one, it's more that the party has shut down, cleared out and we're ready for the next one! I own one pair of Jessica Simpson shoes and although the brand has been on my radar for years, there's never been a pair I've absolutely lusted after...until now. The Dany (below) obviously takes its inspiration from the Charles Anastase platforms (above), which if I'm totally honest (both) are pretty, ugly shoes. They're clumpy and something about the proportions of the gigantic wooden heel (5.8") and platform teamed with unsuspecting, flimsy looking and rather plain uppers, seems a little off. Yet I'm totally yearning for them and absolutely have to have them! I've even surprised myself by how much I need (or want) them; they're very 70's which isn't really a decade that inspires me, yet I'm already planning outfits around them (how hot would they look with thick coloured tights?). They've already proved so popular stateside that they sold out on pretty much every online store they appeared on. The Jessica Simpson website has just received more stock of the brown and black (they're also available in metallic pewter), but act fast because they're gonna sell out again.
Unfortunately they don't ship internationally and I'm yet to find an official JS stockist in the UK that has newer styles like this. Shout out if you know of anywhere please!
The other shoes getting me all worked up just now are the Lita ankle boot by Jeffrey Campbell, above (sorry if you own this image and would like credit, it's floating around the blogosphere yet I couldn't find the original source) which is due on Solestruck in July (they ship internationally-yipee). These are again spookily similar to the Anastase dungeon boot (below) which has been seen on Lady Gaga and Pixie Geldof. I reckon I slightly prefer the ankle boot to the t-bar shoe, there's something about them that seems to fit more than the shoe-although thinking about it I'd happily topple off either pair, so forget that! Note Office have started stocking Jeffrey Campbell in the UK, so hopefully we'll see this style there.


  1. oh great love...Jeffrey Campbell...argh! I'll be saving some pennies to get the Pixie boot for the winter...I love em so much! But I'll be a student again in September so spending quite a lot of money without thinking too much about it is going to end...which actually means saving up for expensive stuff again (boo!)...But Jeffrey is worth it, the Mary Roks wedges I have are the best shoes ever, I wear them heaps as they fit with everything, JC is deff a great investment....*sigh* so I guess it's quite obvious I'd totally go for the JC ones, more so cause I think Jessica Simpsons shoes tend to be a little...streetwalker lol...although the black ones you posted are ok...the silvery ones are just...yikes! Go for the JC's girl! :) :)

  2. I forgot to say...Karmaloop also stocks JC and they have the best discounts, all on this site:

    so if they stock them there it's the best option...I would also check the exchange rate if they come in at Office because sometimes they charge waaaaay more then you'd pay in America (Asos is really really bad at this, I even sent a complaint once but they answered that they did that to keep products "exclusive"...which is also why I never order in euro's from them anymore..but that's a whole different story lol)...and needsupply also stock JC :)

  3. Ooh, which colour are you getting? I like the grey or purple. I don't own any JC's, so it's good to know about the quality. Do they tend to fit true to size? I always get confused with the american sizing, because I'm a uk5/38, but that usually is between a US 7 or 8 and i never know which to get!

    I love karmaloop, my sister has ordered some tokidoki and harajuku lovers stuff from there and that's where I bought my HL necklaces. They dispatch really quickly.

    Oh I just bought the IC splatter Making Moves from the schuh sale. I had wanted the fantasy flower as they too were reduced but they sold out and I don't get paid until tomorrow, so I had to beg my sister to lend me some money for the MM before they go too! They only had a 6 and 7 left, so I got the 6-I'll probably need it a little bigger for the ankle cuff anyway(maybe). There's far too many shoes I like just now, but I have 2 wedding presents, 4 30th b'day presents and more coming up, so have to save : (


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