Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I Need A Hat!

Today I decided to trial outfits for my friends wedding this summer. The photos are probably the worst I've ever taken, but hopefully you get the idea. I originally had 2 dresses in mind and both were suitable to wear with my Kurt Geiger Eloise satin courts. Unfortunately because of the stupid flooring rules, I can't wear those shoes, so I've had to rethink my whole outfit.
I reckon I'm going to wear this really bright floral dress from Primark, I adore its bold graphic print and it feels fabulous. It is quite short though and the wedding is July, so tights are too wintery and leggings too casual. I've decided to slip this beautiful net skirt (really old Primark one) underneath which not only gives me that extra length, but is swishy and sticky out and makes my entire outfit more weddingy and I feel like a proper princess! You probably aren't getting the ideal image of how it looks in these photos (because I just hooked the skirt underneath the dress to photograph-it sits out and really does look cool). The skirt is probably at least 4" longer than the dress and finishes just below my knee if I remember correctly. Now to shoes...I'm thinking of my Charlotte Olympia striped platforms? They have a chunky heel and I like the contrast of monochrome stripes with colourful florals. They aren't the most fancy pair I own, but I'm struggling to find any non stiletto but still dressy heels. Also because my dress cost £13 or something I really wanted to team it with expensive shoes and hopefully nobody else will be wearing these! What do you think?
My Mum thought I was wearing white tights with it, until she realised that's just the colour of my legs (actually blue/white), however I'm not fake tanning-I'm proud to be pale! Now I just need to accessorize, I'll probably wear my chunky Mawi earrings, maybe my little black lace gloves and I'm actively seeking some sort of fascinator or head piece. I watched a wedding recently and was really surprised by the lack of hats. My Mum gets annoyed because I'm one of those people who suits practically every hat I try on. I love wearing a hat or hairband or any adornment and I think when you get the opportunity to, you definitely should! I'm looking for something perhaps a little unusual, probably quite dramatic. It's not a church wedding, so I really think I can go to town-I welcome any suggestions! Oh and my hair will be bright pink I'm hoping, yipee! My Mum is still digging her heels in, but I'm going for it again x


  1. Gorgeous dress and shoes - you'll look lovely I'm sure! :3 BTW, I put a link to your blog in one of my newer posts, its not likely to get you any new followers but maybe a couple new pageviews..? xx

  2. lol that comment about your legs made me chuckle...I'm reeeeeeally pale as well...but I've not accepted it as well as you have :( I don't do tanning for real because I'm scared of cancer and I don't want to look like a crocodile by the time I'm 45...but I do sometimes use fake tan on my legs because they just refuse to tan! Or I end up wearing leggings all summer under my dresses :( Don't really know how to get over that insecurity :(

    But the dress...the dress is gorgeous, I love it! Specially with the skirt under it giving it some poof! And I actually think the shoes work really well because of the contrast but the black also comes back in the skirt kinda tying it together :) So I really like this outfit! But I'm guessing you're gonna go on and look for alternatives right? I know I'm like that anyway lol...end up with 5 "outfits for the wedding" hehe

  3. Rai, that's so sweet thank you, I'll go and check it out! I'll pop your blog on my links list too.

    Marlein, nice to hear from you. It's only more recently that I've learned to love my paleness. I've never been a fan of sun tanning and those tanning beds freak me out (think I've seen 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer' a few too many times) and the health risks of either aren't worth it. I used to fake-tan, but to be honest just can't be bothered with the upkeep and hassle of application. Then there's the brown bed sheets and clothes etc etc! I'm hoping (more like praying) my legs will be in good enough condition that they are the same colour all over and look interestingly pale rather than drab!

  4. Forgot to say, yes the black skirt was really perfect to tie in the shoes. I bought a grey netty skirt recently and was going to use that, but the black looked so much better with the shoes. I tried my pink IC Bambino shoes, but the pink looked dirty against the dress and overall looked a bit too casual.


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