Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Times Like These...

We've had the most horrible time of it last week in the UK, it's really depressing to see what's happening in the news, so to cheer everyone up, I just had to share this image of my adorable little nephew. Maybe I'm biased but I think both of my little boys are the most beautiful little bundles of cuteness I've ever seen! He's also going to be semi famous this week as his pic will be in the local newspaper. His older brother, the diva, refused to have his photo taken-we're already dreading the day when the little one gets so opinionated! He may look like butter wouldn't melt but actually he's a little rascal and both are just typical boys, into everything, jumping off furniture and basically stressing out their Pink Haired Aunt, but I love them heaps and can't remember a life without them. We used to nickname him Fluffy, because he was born with jet black fluffy hair. The longer it got, the wilder it was, it used to stand up on end like it was static! Then his hair colour changed brown, then strawberry blonde and now he's light blonde with white streaks from the sun like his brother and completely unlike my dark haired sister. He's really developing his own personality now (cheeky chappy and part time charmer), which is wonderful to see.


  1. Thanks for the photo! Things are totally depressing over here...we had elections yesterday and's a f-ing disaster! Excuse my french hehe ;) To say I'm very ashamed of my fellow countrymen is the understatement of the year! So I can use a little cheering up...:)

    And yes he is absolutely adorable! :D

  2. Oh I know how you feel, I'm still sulking over the idiot that 'we' chose for Prime Minister. Well actually England picked him, the rest of the UK didn't and that's what's so annoying.

    I don't know if you heard but a seemingly normal guy went on the rampage last week, shooting people from his car, he killed his co-worker, twin brother, lawyer and loads of innocent people. He just drove around shooting at them for 3 hours, it's so sad. Then twin girl babies were sleeping in their bedroom and a fox came into their house in London and attacked them, their mother found them covered in blood and the fox still in the room. Then a pregnant woman and her small child were stabbed to death by her ex. It just seems there are horrible things going on everywhere you turn.


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