Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Urban Decay Haul Teaser

I'm insanely behind on reviews and posts just now-I have loads of things to show you, it's just taking a little while to edit all the images and such. I recently made a rather large Urban Decay (mainly) haul with Direct Cosmetics. I've shopped with them for years and they have really fabulous prices. I've been keen to try these lipsticks for ages, to see if they live up to my much loved old and original UD lippies. I've got loads more images and swatches to show you later, but thought I'd share this little teaser.
I had a quick try out of a couple of the colours today...they have a rather strange smell, kinda like they are 'off' and never, EVER, make the mistake of licking your lips, euch! I had to smother my lips in the beautiful minty Pout Plump to get rid of the taste. I think the smell will fade after application and it isn't bad enough that I'll never use it again, just slightly unpleasant and I'll never lick my lips! I promise more images later in the week.

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