Friday, 11 June 2010

New Lady Dragon Shoes!

Look what I got today!!! New season Vivienne Westwood shoes means discounted old season or current season shoes in this case! This is my favourite combo of the globe shoes, sparkling pinky lilac with huge green, shiny ball! Although I now love them so much that I actually want all the other combinations too! Several places have discounted styles, but the best deal is where I got mine from, Miss Lala's. I ordered them yesterday and they arrived this morning, thoroughly impressed!


  1. are they the ones that have the lovely smell? if so, I want some... well, flat ones anyway :3 x

  2. yes Rai, they smell delicious! There are some gorgeous flats for AW10, with a lovely large speckled, sparkly bow or a new style, a flat slingback peep toe with studded heart, really pretty.

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