Friday, 18 June 2010

Review: Aussie Colour Mate Limited Edition Shampoo & Conditioner

This isn't so much a review as more like a warning. However let me first start by saying some products I review or swatch are sent to me for free, most of the time though I buy them myself. You'll find I usually let you know which ones I paid for and those I didn't (not that it really makes a difference as you'll see...). When you receive products, it's obviously very exciting and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that a part of me hopes I do like the product, so I can therefore post a positive review. I think that's only natural, especially if you build up a good rapport with the person/company you are dealing with. It somehow seems easier to criticise something you paid for yourself (mainly because you're angry you've wasted your money!). However as much as I want to like a product what comes first is my loyalty to you, my readers and I wouldn't be doing my 'job' very well, if I posted glowing reviews purely because I got the item for free! I will always be honest with you, you can count on that. So this is my first really bad review or going back to the beginning 'warning' for something that I've been sent to try out. Let's hope it's not too awkward, tee hee!
I was pretty excited when I first got these Aussie products so started using them immediately. I've used 3 Minute Miracle (3MM) before but never Aussie shampoo and conditioner. I was sent all 3 from the new Limited Edition Colour Mate range for coloured hair (obv). I've never actually been keen on the 'fragrance' of Aussie products as a whole, perhaps I have a sensitive nose! Anyway these are peachy-ish smelling. Usually after I shampoo my hair it's one tangled ball of a mess, but once I put conditioner in, I can literally feel it smoothing through my hair and de-tangling and moisturising. This didn't happen with this conditioner. My hair was dry and tangled and after conditioning, it hadn't changed. I expected it to be better once I got out of the shower and it dried. Wrong! If you can imagine a coarse ball of wool run under a tap, this is what my hair felt like, matted, dry and clumped together. My hair doesn't even feel as bad as this after bleaching without conditioning afterwards. So I ended up having to go and wash my hair again, it was that awful!

I blamed the conditioner, so next time I just used the shampoo with the more intensive 3MM. My hair was still pretty dry and although I felt the 3MM was trying it's best to nourish and de-tangle, it still didn't feel as good as my other hair products. I'm not really even willing to give them another go, because they just don't seem to like my hair and it's a waste of my time. I'll continue to use the 3MM which seems to work when used with a different brand shampoo. I'll write a more in depth review of that once I've had the chance to try it out more. My word on the shampoo and conditioner though is to avoid at all costs, my hair definitely doesn't 'love me for it'.

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