Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Arcadia Obsession

In the past couple of weeks, I've placed 3 online orders at Miss Selfridge, 1 Evans, 1 Dorothy Perkins and 2 Topshop-that amounts to £28 in Arcadia shipping costs. As my Mum would say, I need to "ca' canny"! You see I keep spotting sale items that I have to buy and then in the next couple of days they get something else, then something else-but if I wait they'll sell out. Anyway I bought a ridiculous amount of (non sale) kitsch rings and sale fascinators (none wedding suitable unfortunately) last week from Topshop and I wanted this monkey ring too but it had disappeared from their site (i.e. sold out, probably never to return). However this morning I spotted it in the sale section, only one left, what to do? Place an order pronto! Last week I also spied this adorable necklace which I'm officially naming the cutest necklace ever! Is that real paper I see? I do hope so! Anyway I resisted last week, but thought it was silly to only order a ring today, so I hastily added the typewriter pendant to my basket too-naughty girl!
The more I look at the monkey though, the more it's starting to scare me. You know those monkeys with the clanging symbols that mysteriously begin clapping erratically in scary films? Eeeep, I'm shutting my eyes now!


  1. The typewriter is darling, but I can't say I like the monkey! You need to lock him away safely at night I can imagine feeling those creepy eyes staring at your when you're trying to sleep! x

  2. Aaaah, freaking me out now, lol! I thought he was really cute to start with, but he's just scary now : (

  3. Heya! I've nominated you for a blog award because your posts are so adorable :)


  4. omg YOU GOT THE MONKEY RING! argh! I had wanted it but it was sold out when I went to look yesterday! :( Lucky you! If he gets too scary send him over my way haha :P

    I did get the lovely butterfly ring they have in the sale now :) + a pair of moccasins (still trying for the elusive perfect pair of flats that don't squeeze my toes) and the cutest sandals:


    I've been ordering stuff like a madwoman too...must be coz this is my last month I have some extra money to spend before I become poor (i.e student) again :P

    Miss Selfridge is such a favorite of mine, I think I might even like them more then Topshop :) I got this gorgeous butterfly dress amongst other things:


    What do you think about Maxi Dresses btw? I've been trying to find a good one myself...but I'm short and not very thin with big boobies so it's a challenge! I ordered this lace one last night from Yumi...which was really weird because I found a 30% off voucher...but then at checkout it said I had store credit but I've never ordered from there LOL! Don't know how that happened but I'm not complaining :P It ended up costing me just 27 euros with posting and everything!


    it'll probably be way to long for me but I thought I might be able to use a belt to shorten it by pulling it up and using the belt to hold it in place...or just wear really TALL heels haha! Ah well...for that price it's worth a shot :)

    Well...this post is getting kinda long hehe but talking about shopping is such fun :)

  5. Wolfie Lovehart-thank you so much, that's very sweet : )

    Marlein-Oops-I must just have been lucky! They had 2 yesterday medium and large, so I grabbed the large one, I was casually looking for other things on the site then remembered that I should really head to the checkout because if not it would sell out! Last time I got the teapot pearl bracelet, a lovely birdcage necklace (wooden flat cage and the bird sits on top), bird nest ring, swallow on branch ring and the bug ring. I really need to stop with the animal ring obsession, lol!

    From Miss Selfridge I've bought loads, a couple of little mini hat hair clips, a bicycle necklace, flower bouquet ring (it's really huge), poodle ring set, skull pearl necklace and bracelet, scissors necklace, teapot ring, teacup ring and a seagull brooch which I've fallen in love with although I thought it was pretty ridiculous at first! I totally want these shoes too http://www.missselfridge.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=20555&storeId=12554&categoryId=124467&parent_category_rn=63772&productId=1777178&langId=-1
    (they eventually got them back in stock).

    Oh and I should be getting my IC Making Moves tomorrow, yipee!

    I like maxi dresses...I had 2 a couple of years ago and loved them-although I find it difficult to find shoes to compliment them (because I think they look better with flats, which I never wear). That one you've bought is tunning-really pretty. Today I was thinking of buying this one (it's got parrots on it)!!


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