Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Swatches: Stila + Pout Eyeshadow Duo

Remember I thought a few of my Stila eyeshadow duos were very similar to Pout? I've taken some pictures and swatched them to compare. I know that Pout are no longer, but you can still pick up these e/s duos from various discount sites. As a whole Stila are very, very soft and feel like velvet, not that Pout aren't, but Stila are especially so. I have always been a fan of Pout e/s, they have adorable combinations and I've collected all the pairs I wanted over the years. Click images to enlarge and do not steal.pout miss june stila dragonfly swatchesThe most obvious 'twins' in pan were Pout Miss June and Stila Dragonfly. After swatching them, the most noticeable difference is that Stila is more brown, whereas Pout is a truer taupe. Stila was also slightly more lilac with Pout pinkier.stila seafoam pout miss scotland miss july swatchesNext is the green Stila Seafoam duo, the lightest shade is compared to the light side of Pout Miss July and the darker green is compared to Miss Scotland (the light side). It's pretty obvious from the photos that Stila is more yellow while Miss July is a sheer minty green, actually in the pan they don't look quite so different-but the camera has definitely accentuated that. The swatches are very true to life though. As for the greener side, although both have a gold sheen to them, the Pout is much stronger gold and therefore a lighter green. stila kajiki pout miss january miss england swatches You have to click the image above the swatch picture to enlarge and see the eyeshadows in all their shimmering glory. I really like all 3 of these duos, but then I'm always drawn to teal and grey. Back to the comparisons, Stila Kajiki versus the teal side of Pout Miss January and the grey shade from Miss England. Kajiki isn't actually as teal as it looks, it's lighter and more green than Miss January which is a true teal. As for the grey side, Miss England had more sheen making it lighter than Stila. I hope you find this helpful.


  1. Is the quality with the Stila the same as with Pout? I miss Pout so much, and I'm looking for same quality. I find that Pout eye-shadows are much more pigmented than even Urban decay.

    1. thank you for commenting and finding this rather old post! I really miss Pout too, they had so many of my favourite products! Yes, I find Pout better than UD too, Stila are pretty decent though. Super soft shadows, so they blend well and are easy to apply, again it just depends on the specific shade the level of colour. I use one called Twilight (a light silvery grey) all the time and I barely have to touch the pan, to get decent colour pay-off, it's super pigmented. I would definitely recommend you try them.


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