Wednesday, 15 July 2009

MAC Colour Craft Haul

mac haul boxmac naked honey and colour craft haulUgh, I'm such an idiot. MAC always release their collection online on the first Thursday of the month. Given that nothing appeared on the site on the 2nd July, I figured they weren't releasing Colour Craft until the following month. However they decided to bring it out last Thursday (the 2nd Thu of the month), I suppose so we wouldn't get it the week before the US.

Anyway, I've kinda been out of the loop with MAC collections lately and haven't really had the time to devote hours to the major research I do before buying anything! I did spend Thursday afternoon and all day Friday looking through swatches and descriptions etc and made my purchases (I'd also already spent all my money figuring I'd have enough for it next month, so had to beg at the BOS-Bank of Sis). mac madly creative lipstickmac pretty pattern and miss marblemac pretty pattern and miss marblemac pretty pattern lipglassmac miss marble lipglassmac she's a star lipglass from naked honeyI completely ignored all the mineral stuff (the majority of the range I know), as I barely use all the highlighters and eyeshadows I already own. Predictable as ever I only purchased lip products. I got Madly Creative lipstick, 2 of the marbled lipglass (Pretty Pattern and Miss Marble) and also She's a Star l/g from Naked Honey (which I wanted from A-Mei that was never released here). I had to be really strict and took Ever Embellish lipstick out of my basket. However the thing I'm so annoyed at myself for is, I was supposed to buy Colour Crafted lipstick. I could kick myself. I don't even know what happened, I don't remember ever putting it in my basket. I wrote all the colours on a list with descriptions next to them and scored out the ones I didn't like and ticked those I wanted (it's a messy list). CC has a tick next to it, but is below Madly Creative and I think the names sound similar and I've just assumed I'd bought them both or they were the one thing and I was in a rush. Aaaaah so annoying, especially as it's sold out online and I don't live near a counter. Yep, I'm an idiot. Don't suppose anyone has an extra or is going to MAC and could purchase me one (and I'd send you cheque/paypal or swap something)?mac colour craft lip swatches Swatches show Madly Creative l/s, Pretty Pattern l/g, Miss Marble l/g, She's A Star l/g. Click all my pics to enlarge but do not steal my photos.
mac colour craft lipstick and lipglass swatches

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