Friday, 17 July 2009

Primark New Season Clothes!

primark autumn winter collectionHere's the new season styles from Primark, how exciting! And yay, finally an affordable pair of sequin leggings (haven't I been waiting for at least a year?)-though I'll wait to see them instore before I pass judgement. I love the on-trend massivo shoulders on this floral splattered dress (below) and who can knock £21 for some fringed Louboutin knock-offs (image 8), even £110 for the similar Dune pair seems ridiculous in comparison. Click pics to enlarge and check out when the items are instore and exactly how much they'll cost alongside each image-am I good to you or what?primark autumn winter collection(image 1-top, jacket £19 instore now, sequin leggings £11 mid September and one-shoulder top £8 end of July)
(image 2 above, shoulder detail dress £15 mid September)
(image 3 below, faux fur bolero £18 early October, studded dress £19 mid August, peep-toe ankle cuff shoes £17 mid July)
primark autumn winter collection(image 4 below, blouse £12 mid October, asymmetric harem pants £13 end of July)primark autumn winter collection(image 5 below, Limited Edition one shoulder dress with belt £22 end of September)primark autumn winter range(image 6 below, exposed zip faux fur coat £30 early October, leggings £3 instore now, metal tab belt £3 mid August, short leather gloves £7 early September)primark new season clothes(image 7 below, striped sequin dress £22 mid September, peep toe ankle cuff shoes £17 mid July)primark autumn winter range(image 8 below, sequin parka £30 end October, fringe peep-toe platform shoes £21 mid August)(image 9 below, sequin batwing dress £19 mid July, fringe platform shoes as above)
What do you think? Let me know. I'm adding a fur jacket to my list too!

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