Sunday, 5 July 2009

Bourjois Effet 3D Haul Swatches

bourjois effet 3d max glossIt's 10 advantage points per £1 at Boots this weekend, so my sister popped in yesterday to buy me the Bourjois glosses I was talking about. She isn't all that great at describing cosmetics shades, so I just randomly guessed at 2 colours I thought I'd like and she bought them. I decided to leave the brown one as I would prefer to see it first (I don't like anything too brown). I got 61 Rose acidule, a coral pink and 62 Rose gold, pink with gold shimmer. The latter has lots of fine glitter, whereas the other has sporadic silver sparkles in the swatches, but this doesn't really show on the lips or in the tube. I love the smell and they feel very moisturising, I wouldn't say they are all that long-lasting, but I love to reapply. As for the '33% more shine' that's advertised, I can't really say that I could judge that!bourjois effet 3d max swatchesThe new applicator is a little odd, it's plastic and supposedly contains enough product for one application (which it does). I found it a little messy to apply at first, but the spatula is very tiny, so you can't really go too wrong (crappy photo I know!). They are currently on promotion in Boots with £2 off. I'm sure I'll be looking to buy more colours. The lip picture above is rose gold, as you see it comes out pinky/clear with lots of sparkle. Please click pics to enlarge and do not copy, thank you.

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