Wednesday, 22 July 2009

LOTD Challenge Day 5

I'm usually the queen of the nude lip, so I'm surprised I haven't worn any for LOTD Challenge yet. Although it's probably because I'm cautious to use a fabby colour like Masque, Creme d'Nude or Blankety early in the challenge or on a day that doesn't really need it. Like today for example. I have clown hair (halfway through doing my roots), I'm wearing no makeup and staying indoors all day (it's miserable outside, even if I cared to venture out in this state). So it's a no fuss, cheapo lip today.

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Stay On Lip Liner Pencil in Matita Labbra
17 Sheer Moisture Lipstick in Balmy Beige

(look away now if you scare easily!)


  1. I quite often have a cheapo lip day too! Your lips look fab! I love the colour xx

  2. your lips look beautiful! my fave so far. xx

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies...I feel an expensive lip day coming on tomorrow!


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