Thursday, 9 July 2009

Review & Swatches:Lancome Color Fever Gloss

After reviewing the Lancome Color Fever lipsticks, I figured I would also review another favourite of mine, Color Fever Gloss. These retail for £17 in the UK and feature a heart shaped sponge applicator which is really easy to apply to the lips (not so easy to swatch on my hand though!). I find this gloss makes my lips look fuller and so shiny, it is not sticky or too thick, it feels luxurious and smooth. Some colours are sheer and sparkly, although they still have a substantial amount of pigment to them. Others are pearlised or cream with no shimmer. Click images to enlarge and do not copy, thank you.The ones with the white lids were from the limited edition LUCI collection, I believe the shade names are the american version. Lancome tends to vary the names of colours between countries, especially the US to Europe, so you may find similar shades to my collection have different names.The swatches are a little messy as the gloss kept disappearing through the hole in the wand rather than onto my hand. Hopefully you get the idea though. Most of these glosses look fabulous layered over lipstick.
021 is clear with silver sparkles
sunray is pearlised white with a slight, soft pink tint
rainbow is sheer pale pink with fine shimmer
211 one of my favourites pale pinky nude, very slight shimmer
206 was my first and another favourite, pearlised goldy beige (without being at all gold)
212 similar formula to 211, but this is a beige nude
322 has a metallic quality to it, peach with pink flash
308 I love this pigmented cream shade, it has no shimmer and is a dark mauve
321 sheer bright pink with silver sparkles
108 similar to above, but bright red
seashell I love this colour in the tube, but it looks terrible on me, clean pop pink, no shimmer

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