Saturday, 11 July 2009

Shopping Haul (Primark & Peacocks) 06/07/09

Sorry these pictures are very rushed and rubbish, but you get the idea. Nothing overly exciting, but here we go (click to enlarge), do not steal!

Primark: black cardi (not shown), been needing a new one for ages, it's plain but has cute button details on the short sleeves, will go with anything!
Not much new on the dress front (come on Primark!), although I did find this dress in black/olive green and blue/grey. They have a big elasticated band around the middle and quite a high neckline with a slashed open back (although it overlaps, so isn't really all that open). They look like something from the 80's you would find in a charity shop, very arty looking! They have the strangest but coolest shape. It's a wrapover with pointed square peaks. I've tried to show you in the images, they drape down and are very voluminous when wearing, they even have pockets within the weird shape. Anyway, they are really nice on, not the usual pretty style I go for, but I like to change it up.
primark dressI have this brooch in peachy/nude and spotted the green one randomly sitting by itself a couple of months ago. I wasn't buying anything else that day and couldn't be bothered queueing for one brooch. I looked for it the next time I was in and found none. Yet this time, there were tonnes (joy!), it's really pretty and reminds me of the ones my Great Granny used to wear.Primark goodiesPrimark bargain accessories, don't you just love it!I also got this pearl necklace with gold chain and this cute pearl ring, along with this dark pink oval ring, very similar to my favourite purple Matalan one (that I paid 3x as much for)! New sunglasses, that I've been hunting for, for months (since my cute little nephew had an obsession with trying on mine and broke them!). I keep seeing wrap-around frame or Kanye West shutter glasses, but I don't suit either. I wanted big, big and I found them (for a bargain £1.97!!), also available in see-through pink frames (looked strange on me or I would've bought them too). Finally a bright pink hairband with huge flower that matches my hair!prettiesdon't get in a fight with me whilst wearing these babies!look at my big ringsprimark bargain sunglassesprimark pink flower hairbandOh no, I forgot, these uber cute, metal frame clutches. I already have these in green, brown and red, but they are matte leather, these are shiny, shiny. A beautiful dark purple shade and this reddish one, which is actually quite pink and doesn't clash with my hair. They were £6 each and really heavy, expensive looking bags I think. Seriously, how many clutches can one girl own though? LOLprimark shiny clutchesprimark red/pink clutchprimark purple clutchprimark metal frame clutch bagprimark purple clutchPeacocks, I keep seeing lovely things on their website (not in my size though) but they never stock them in my (ahem *crappy*) local. I bought an uninteresting cream cardigan (only £6), that I need to go with browns and blues. Plus this dress which my Mum loves. I really like the full skirt but wasn't as keen on the sleeves which made me look a bit broad. Anyway, I love swishing around in it.peacocks cream cardiganpeacocks floral dresspeacocks printed dress

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