Sunday, 26 July 2009

Haul Rewind: MAC Dame Edna

mac dame edna collectionThe MAC Dame Edna collection was released before I got my new camera, so I never took photos...until now! I know quite a few people who didn't 'get' this collection and I think the problem was that outside of Australia and the UK, Dame Edna isn't well known. Many mistook her for an actual woman that dressed up in eccentric, outlandish outfits, rather than a drag act. Usually I'm not keen on this type of bitchy performer who makes fun of everyone but themselves, but Edna is an exception. She's crude but funny with it.mac dame edna haul collectionAnyway, the collection was like Heatherette in that there were some wild shades that border on tacky, but it's up to you to interpret them however you wish. The lip shades didn't enthrall me, but the eye shades and that amazing shimmering powder sucked me right in. Overall I adored the packaging. It's really fun and glittery-the boxes are amazing! I also liked the little quote cards included with each product. I do have issues with the quality of some of the packaging, which I've detailed below.

I got,
Splendid lipglass-a bright coral orange infused with frost and glitter, I'm not keen on this, it's a little too orange and frosty for me.
Hot Frost lipglass-sheer medium pink with lots of sparkle, surprisingly beautiful, see it on my lips below.
The packaging is really annoying, as the glitter glasses get stuck to the inside of the box and often peel at the corners and need reapplied. Neat idea, but could've been done better.
mac dame edna splendid lipglassmac dame edna splendid lipglass detailmac dame edna hot frost lipglassmac dame edna hot frost lipglass on lipsmac dame edna lipglass watches splendid and hot frostGladiola (matte) lipstick-a deep purpley pink. Again, same issues with the packaging as the lipglass, if you carry these around I'm sure the glasses will come off easily.mac dame edna lipstickmac dame edna gladiola lipstickmac dame edna gladiola lipstickmac dame edna lip swatches(swatch shows from l to r, Splendid l/g, Hot Frost l/g, Gladiola l/s several layers, Gladiola l/s one swipe)

Wisteria Eye Shadow Trio-stunning shades of Fineshine (silver, lustre), Wisteria (egg blue, velvet) and Divine Night (dark charcoal with silver glitter, velvet). I really, really love this trio. The other option was also stunning, but I had to limit my buying. The best packaging of the bunch as it's not a sticker, yay!mac dame edna eyeshadow triomac dame edna wisterio eye trioHigh-Light Powder in Spectacle, uber shimmery pinky colour with gold lettering. However this is just an overspray, so I doubt I will ever use it, as I don't want to ruin the sparkly design. Comes in compact with mirror inside (same issues with outer packaging) and the cutest little purple metallic puff.mac dame edna high light powdermac dame edna high light powder spectaclemac dame edna high light powder spectacle
images are best viewed larger (click them), if you steal these pics, I'll beat you with my stilettos-not pretty.

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