Sunday, 12 July 2009

Topshop Britany Boot

topshop britany thigh high bootsAs you know I had to sell my Topshop Unique blue nubuck stud boots recently. I absolutely adored the feel and colour of them (they were just too much of a struggle to get on my feet). Topshop have come up trumps again though, with these thigh high 'Britany' boots in the same fabric. I instantly fell in love, however I won't be buying them. The reason? I have a distinct feeling they don't have an inside zip and are described as 'tightly fitting', so how are you supposed to squeeze your heel past the narrow ankle section? Maybe I'm wrong (having not seen them in real life), but I get so frustrated at shoe designers for not taking into consideration how to get the product on. Don't even get me started on those annoying elasticated button fastenings!topshop britany bootsAvailable from Topshop £120 in blue nubuck, black nubuck or stylish leather, stunning and not at all 'Pretty Woman', shame. (Click pics to supersize).

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