Thursday, 2 July 2009

Stila eye shadow duos

mmm rock bunsFeeling much better today, although this heat is slowly killing me (shouldn't complain though). Look at these delicious goodies my Mummy made...Cadburys chocolate krispie cakes (only the best in our house!) and rock buns. As you can see the latter disappeared pretty quickly with the krispies not far behind!I think I'll swatch these at a later date, but here are the Stila eyeshadow duos I bought a week or so ago. I was really pleased to get these pretty shades plus the lovely people at BeautySpotCosmetics sent me a free Stila 8-pan palette too. I'm sure I've become one of their best customers ordering several times a week over the past few months!
stila eye shadow duo haulstila eye shadow duo collectionI kept the bottom picture quite large, so you can see them in detail. Some are very similar in the pan to Pout, so I might do some comparisons for you.

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