Wednesday, 8 July 2009

New and Improved Nails

Hello lovelies! Remember I cleared out my foundation drawer a few weeks ago? Well the cleaning has continued and this time it was the turn of my nail polish drawer. I must admit, I am a hoarder, I find it really hard to throw things away, but I'm trying to be ruthless. Like the rest of my makeup my np are kept in deep drawers and are seperated into reds and pinks in one and another for the rest. I have only cleaned out the red/pinks.I counted and not including the boxes of polishes (Virgin Vie, Barry M and Betty Boop), I had 112 bottles (if I remember correctly). Isn't that ridiculous, who needs 112 red and pink polishes? I managed to get rid of more than half and even after I took the photos of the 'finished collection', I chucked a few more. A lot had seperated or gone gloopy but actually I was surprised that some polishes I've had for over 10 years were good whilst new ones had gone bad. There are some little Lancome tester bottles I've had since I worked the perfume/makeup counter after school, they are ancient but still good!

Here are the 'before' pictures, click images if you wish to see them in more detail.
My 2 favourite, Barry M in Shocking Pink and Revlon Raven Red. The final lot, what a difference...and yes, my arms hurt a lot from all that shaking!


  1. Awesome stash! By the way, polish doesn't 'go bad'. It can always be revived with thinner (not remover).

  2. thank you : )

    Yeah, I wanted to drastically reduce my stash though and couldn't be hassled with 'reviving' the grotty ones. I've held onto some of them for so long and really needed to be ruthless and clear out.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. WOW O_O loving all that PINK :) x

  4. If they're not all that interesting I bin my grotty ones too. I just had to tell you in case you had favourite which were getting thick. When do we get to see the other drawers?!

  5. I will definitely be showing more stash pics soon. To be honest it's rather overwhelming as I don't know where to start with my large collection, but there will definitely be some great images on the way!

    Thanks for your comments


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