Sunday, 26 July 2009


My beautiful Matalan purple, ruffle shoes, the third colour I bought in this style, are the focus this week. They are patent with an almost crackled effect (as are the black). They have 3 skinny straps to which the ruffle front is attached and another strap around the ankle. They are of course modelled on the Dillian shoe by Christian Louboutin for Philip Lim and to be honest they are a pretty darn good copy. They have the basic shape right and the strap and ruffle details are almost spot-on. Of course they are not real leather and don't feature the lust-worthy signature red sole, but hey at £18, you still would, wouldn't you? Only a size 3 left on the website now, so schedule a shopping session at your local Matalan if you want a pair!


  1. They're really nice! They do look better in the photos where you have them on as the shape of the shoe and ruffles are shown off nicer. Do they only have black and purple?

  2. Hi LamiatS, thanks for your comment. They also have them in bright orange, which isn't patent like the other two. There are pictures of them somewhere on my blog (search 'ruffle shoes'). I would honestly buy every colour they made!


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