Saturday, 18 July 2009

Topshop, Unicorns, Stripper Boots and Sequin Hotpants!

Ever wished you had the Topshop Oxford Circus store right on your doorstep? Well now you can get almost the same experience, with the new Studio section on Clothing brands such as Reko, Motel, Rare and Jbrand and accessories from the wonderful Anna Lou of London, Paul's Boutique and Marc B, previously only available in the London store can be bought and shipped anywhere in the UK. Also look out for Topshop brand clothing and accessories which are exclusive to the website and Oxford Circus.

topshop unicorn beltNew in at Topshop this week, is this gorgeous unicorn belt, £35. Anyone who knows me, will tell you I am completely obsessed with uni's. So it's no surprise that I adore this, the vintage look is a nice touch.
topshop astro bootstopshop astro bootsAy-yai-yai, I looooove these 'Astro' booties, £90. Who knew a combination of sporty and stripper would result in such glorious shoes? I think the bronze have slightly won over the black, although I would love either pair. They have a 2" platform and 6" heel, so not for the faint hearted.

topshop sequin shortsAlso have you seen the influx of sequin shorts for autumn/winter at Topshop? While I think they are really cute, I don't see the average Joe (or Joanne) needing some sequin shorts for winter (or any other season for that matter). Even with tights, you would look ridiculous and freeze your butt off in Scotland wearing these on a night out, unless you're Lady Gaga of course!

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