Sunday, 5 July 2009

SOTW (Shoe Of The Week) P1

I kinda feel I should have a more planned approach to writing posts. I usually have umpteen things I want to blog about and some get left aside because there just isn't enough time. I feel if I had a more organised set-up of x, y and z every week that it would perhaps flow better. Or maybe you like it when I write about whatever comes to me that day?

Anyway, one such item that could become a regular post, perhaps weekly (if you like it?) would be a delve into my shoe collection (which is rather large and worth sharing!). A massive range of pictures of my favourite pairs, it's certainly something I would like to read about, so I hope you do too : )
irregular choice prom princessToday, I am going to start with the fabulous Irregular Choice 'Prom Princess' from S/S'07 I think. Way before Marc Jacobs started designing upside down heels, IC had these beautiful but awkward shaped wedges. They are actually incredibly comfortable to wear and you really don't notice the fact that the 'heel' is in line with the middle of your foot. The uppers feature a vintage inspired print and cute detailing with the bows and little strap and rounded toe. As always with IC, they are beautifully made and with a printed sole (in this case a Mabel Lucie Attwell type). As you can see I haven't worn these all that much in the couple of years I've had them, as I just never seem to find the outfit to do them the justice they deserve. Definitely one of the most pretty shoes I own.
What do you think, would you like to see more? Let me know! Please click images to enlarge and do not copy without permission.


  1. I'd love to see more! You have the best shoes!

  2. thank you : )

    Can't wait to show you all some more!

  3. ok so I know you wrote this aaaaaaages ago but I must say I ADORE THOSE SHOES!!! Very jealous hehe

    having said that...I have a dress that goes perfectly with them (which makes the jealousy thing even worse ;))...light pink all the way. Maybe you'll find the perfect dress to go with them this season as there will be so many soft colours! Hope you get to wear them more often, they're so awesome!!!

  4. Thanks for your comment Marlein. I do adore these shoes, they are just so pretty and yes, they'd definitely fit into this seasons muted, pastel colours. Wish I could wear them more often, but because of The Shoe Girl Diaries, I have to wear a different pair every day!


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