Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Did you see?

Did any of you watch the Michael Jackson memorial service last night? I was flicking between it and Home and Away/Neighbours (tragic, I know). It was actually much more tasteful than I expected and weren't his family simply amazing? I couldn't believe his little babies were there, they were so brave and the whole family so dignified-I don't think I could've remained so composed in their position. Mariah Carey was pretty 'off' with her singing, I don't know if she was just really emotional (can Mariah even get emotional?), the little boy from Britains Got Talent did so well though. I wasn't a fan of his on the show, but that was such a privilege for someone so young, something he'll remember forever and he never let the nerves get to him. As for Usher...I just realised how much I want to marry that man, seriously! I thought it was really touching when he walked over to the coffin and put his hand on it. He then broke down before finishing the song and afterwards went over to the family, still crying. Then as if that wasn't enough, MJ's daughter...oh, there wasn't a dry eye in my house, what a brave little girl.

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