Friday, 3 July 2009

Desperately Seeking Snow

diorsnow ultra brightening/whitening powder foundationYou would expect (with my vast makeup collection) that I had enough cosmetics to last my entire lifetime (and that of a few others). However, there are the odd items that I do finish and enjoy so much that I need more. One such product is my Diorsnow compact foundation, which is more or less finished. I am currently trying to scrape what's left around the edges with my sponge.diorsnow whitening powder foundationIt's technically a whitening product, popular in Asia, although I don't use it for this reason. Not only does it do what a powder foundation should (long lasting, mattifying coverage without looking cakey), it's pale enough to suit my really light skin, plus it's oil-free and completely non-comedogenic (therefore working perfectly with my problematic skin to avoid breakouts). To be honest I've always favoured liquid foundations and never taken much interest in the powder kind, but I was just so impressed with this that I fell in love with it. However, I've hit a major snag, as I can't find it anywhere. diorsnow powder foundationI have searched the web unsuccessfully for months now. I bought it online a couple of years ago for a ridiculously cheap price from Magic Makeup if I recall correctly. The box states that the powder is actually refillable (which would suit me even more), but I can't even find the refills anywhere. I've been using L'Oreal Infallible but am not as keen on it, the coverage isn't as great and it's slightly too dark for me. So if anyone is able to track this down for me, please let me know. Or are there any other similar products that are great for pale skin and completely non-pore clogging? Has anyone tried the regular Dior powder compacts, how are they? Please share with me!

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