Thursday, 9 July 2009

Beth Ditto at Evans

The much anticipated Beth Ditto at Evans collections is out today. Available in sizes 14-32, the range consists of brightly coloured, electro pop goodies. I'm not entirely convinced with some of the shapes, fabrics and colours, although they are very much in-keeping with Dittos loud style. I would certainly feel awkward letting it all hang out in a skin-tight domino print dress or, I fear, looking like a large purple Quality Street in the purple sequin top gathered at the hem. I do really like the shape of the leggings though, which have a tummy flattening panel and are high-waisted, so sit comfortably over your stomach. The black prom dress and geo prom dress are other favourites and whilst I love the print on the stain glass prom dress, I doubt many larger girls would feel comfortable in a strapless style, like Beth would. I would suggest teaming with a vest or t-shirt underneath or you could wear a little cardi over the top. beth ditto at evans(shown in picture, Beth wearing domino print dress £40, domino leggings £22 and lips bag £25. Purple swirl leggings £22, stain glass prom dress £55, black prom dress £45, geo sequin prom dress £60)

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