Thursday, 30 July 2009

FOTD 24/07/09

Ok, this was Day 7 of the LOTD Challenge, which was Bourjois Docteur Glamour in 17 Rose Requinque-which I think may be my favourite lip so far.
I wore the very bold Lancaster Chameleon Eyeshadow in 116 Divine Iris (pic above w/o mascara or lipstick). I have several of these e/s and really love them, they have a velvet like texture and are best applied with the sponge applicator included to keep the shimmer on the lid.

I think my blush was W'n'W Silk Finish in Heather Silk, which is my absolute favourite blush right now (yes it beats Pout, MAC etc). It gives such a healthy flush of colour, so pretty and lasts all day. It's scary dark pink in the pan, but so, so pretty on my cheeks, I can't encourage you enough to go out and buy it, seriously!This was the first day of my freshly coloured hair, so I was playing around like a silly woman! I was actually getting annoyed as it never sits perfectly once it's been coloured and I hate when it looks flat. I had also cut my fringe really, really short before I went to bed and it got a kink in one side from sleeping on it-so looks really wonky in the pics! If you want to know anything else (foundation, eyeliner, mascara etc), let me know and I'll hopefully remember.
(dress primark, necklace a gift, coat (in some pics) primark, ring matalan)

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