Tuesday, 14 July 2009

George at Asda take on Kate Koss in Balmain

kate moss balmain versus george at asdaSo George at Asda have released a bargain version of the Balmain sparkler of a dress that Kate Moss wore recently. Model Moss has never really been a style inspiration for me (as my Mum would say 'she's been dragged through a hedge backwards'), although I did think she looked rockin' in that dress. Plus where have you been if you don't know that shoulders are the biggest (literally) statement for next season? asda shoulder detailBefore you run off to your local supermarket though, Asda have decided not to send any of these dresses to Scottish stores, so unless you're planning a trip down south anytime soon, I would hop on over to the website and pay the £3.95 delivery charge (cheaper than a train ticket to Carlisle!). I'm not sure why the buyers have made this decision with the dress. It's often the opposite that happens, like when stores (not necessarily Asda) send things like England shirts to Scottish shops! To anyone outside of the UK, this would be like wearing an Angelina Jolie t-shirt to a Jennifer Aniston premiere, capiche?

Anyway, the site have sizes 12-20 left. Personally, I'm still a little on the fence about the George version, the sparkly element is the pricey part of the Balmain and it looks a little cheap when filtered down to suit the high-street...but at £16 what do you expect? Just a shame I have to judge it on the photos rather than real life, but I am in Scotland (the untrendy part of the nation, right Asda?).

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