Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Dreaming of Audrey...

So, I went shopping on Monday, having not been outdoors for almost 2 weeks. I wasn't going to spend money, just to browse and 'get out'. I decided it would be easiest going to Matalan and TkMaxx, rather than the town centre where temptation is all around! I actually did pretty good. I bought two necklaces, one of which is to wear as bridesmaid at my mates wedding. We had been on the lookout for something and this seems to fit the bill.

My Mum wanted to look at the household stuff in TkMaxx and (I think this may be my first ever post about furniture), I saw this chair, that I really, really liked. So much so, that I wouldn't let go of it. I wrapped my hand tightly around the leg, just incase someone should steal it from under my nose. It would go perfectly in my bedroom I thought, which is mostly pale pink. I would love it to sit infront of my unit for putting my makeup on. I already have a gorgeous monochrome Marilyn Monroe screen, that really needs a home within my room (at the moment it's folded up, nestled among shoes and handbags), they would compliment each other perfectly.
I eventually had to let go, Mum would've bought it for my Christmas, but she figured we couldn't exactly fit a dining room chair in my lap, on the wheelchair and home on the bus! It just wouldn't have worked, would it? LOL. I did a little research when I came home and found that the chair actually also comes in black or pink, both with Marilyn Monroe on it, although I'm still really fond of the Audrey Hepburn one (I also found MM dresser and coffee table, but don't get me started on them!). I'm not sure how it works in TkMaxx, do you think they keep extra stock through the back or is one random chair all the stock they have? I have to worry everyday now, that someone has already bought it! It's a pity I can't buy it online or that the store don't do home delivery. Do you think it's too early to write to Santa?

Plus, I am sooo glad I ordered the purple version of the Matalan ruffle shoes when I saw them online last week. My local store, didn't have any at all, so it was a good decision and the website sold out of my size the next day. I am so happy that I have all 3 colours, yipee! The purple are shiny like the black pair and could possibly be my fave shoe just now! I just checked the site again and they have recieved some more stock, so head over quickly if you are a 3,4,5 or 7, £18 (delivery £3.95)

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