Friday, 31 July 2009

Euristocrats II Swatches and Product Images

Sorry for the deluge of beauty related posts lately. I do have lots of other things (mainly shoes, you know it!) to blog about, but just haven't found the time. I seem to be all over the place just now!

Anyway in saying that, I do have some more beauty pics. This time it's Euristocrats II swatches and product images. It hasn't been (re)released here in the UK yet, but as I explained yesterday the lipsticks are from the previous Euristocrats collection anyway. I also bought 2 of the new Dazzleglass shades from
Love Make Up, who have them cheaper than MAC and before the release date (bonus!). I'm hoping that I can really save on this collection as I already have the lipsticks I need and apart from Roman Holiday I either already own or don't want the other Dazzleglass.

Please note Love Make Up only have Local Colour £10.99 and Internationalist £9.99 left in stock.

Euro Beat was an unbelievable £6.99 (half price) and is stunning. I'm not overly keen on orange lips, they usually look mega tacky on me, but this is a beautiful summer colour, it's not too orange, quite coral-ish. It's got lots of gold glitter and is even more sparkly than usual d/g's.
Local Colour, I was screaming for this one. Off the top of my head though it's very similar to Baby Sparks (I'll have to compare them and swatch). These d/g are much more pigmented than usual, you really get the colour you see in the tube, not sheer.

The official descriptions from MAC are;
Date Night Soft blue purple with pearl (I already have this but forgot to swatch for you, sorry)
Euro Beat Peach coral with gold pearl
Internationalist Yellow pink with blue pearl
Local Colour Neutral yellow pink with gold pearl
Roman Holiday Medium brown coral with pink pearl
Rue d’Rouge Light red with pink pearl
Via Veneto Light violet with blue pearl

The lipsticks are;
Costa Chic Frosty light coral
Naked Paris Sheer pink brown with multi-dimensional pearl
Patisserie Sheer creamy neutral pink
Milan Mode Sheer deep pink with multi-dimensional pearl
London Life Sheer deep berry with multi-dimensional pearl
Saint Germain Clean pastel pink
Cockney Sheer yellow red with multi-dimensional pearl
(I have also photographed Rue D'Bois that I bought from Euristocrats which is not released with the 2nd line)
These lipsticks are very buildable. I've swatched just one swipe next to them to compare. All the shades I own, apart from Patisserie, have glitter in them as you can see. Click pics to enlarge and do not steal.

I hope this helps, do let me know what you purchase when it comes out!

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