Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Burn Baby Burn!

As Mum often says to me 'money burns a hole in your pocket, doesn't it?'. It's pretty true, I rarely save, I'm a spend whatever you've got kinda girl. I have no real responsibilities, so why not? Although over the past month I haven't really bought all that much and decided I needed a shopping trip this week. We went on Monday and although I bought quite a few things, I didn't feel 'satisfied' with my loot (don't you hate when that happens?). It's not that I bought any of it just for the sake of it, but I don't think I was overly in love with any one item. So I decided I would head home and spend what was left of my money online (see my pocket burning?).

I faced a dilemma though. I've had my eye on quite a few pairs of shoes on yoox. I could either buy a Viktor & Rolf pair and spend the rest of my money on makeup and dvds. Spend on V&R and save the rest (not really going to happen). Or buy 2 cheaper pairs of shoes. I went with the latter (yep, shoes trump makeup) and bought these incredible Marios Schwab for Scorah Pattullo peep-toes and these Miu Miu courts. I figured the makeup and dvds will still be there when I have more money!
miu miu pink satin heelsThe Miu Miu's aren't all that exciting, but I love that shade of pink and although they are plain, they have a lovely shape and were mucho cheapo (especially as yoox are selling the same pair in the a/w range for 3x as much). The Scorah Pattullo pair I actually remember seeing in TK Maxx a year or so ago. They were a size 3 and the only pair in the shop (I'm a 5) and my Mum had to tear them out of my hand because I wouldn't part with them (I'm sure there was a lot of whining and pining). Plus they were ridiculously cheap, like £40 or less. The heel is astounding. So I look forward to receiving these pretties soon.
marios schwab for scorah pattullo peep toe shoes

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